Learning the Basics

"It is very unique and even peculiar sometimes"

What is the best way?

written Japanese language consists of combination of different types of symbols called, Kanji 漢字, Hiragana 平仮名, Katakana 片仮名.
(今日友人のアーティストにタトゥを彫ってもらった。 | My friend who is an artist gave me a tattoo today.)
It is very unique and even peculiar sometimes and is very different from any other Asian languages. Additionally, there are many words that have the same pronunciation but have quite a different meaning. Because of that, it can often be too complicated for foreign people to be able use it properly.
(日 a day | 火 a fire | 飛 flying | 肥 fat | 碑 a gravestone | Every pronnunciation is "Hi".)
In this section, I will show you the Basics of Japanese for those of you who want to use it for a tattoo. You WON'T come to be able to speak Japanese just by simply reading what I have written here, but I hope you will learn something new and begin to understand the atmosphere of the beautiful and complex Japanese language. In the end, I think it might help you to think of and decide on a certain word that you might want to use as a tattoo.
NOTE A : Across 1946, Japanese was changed totally by Japan government without a enough discussion (Omit details). Common Kanji was changed to be more simple, Hiragana and Katakana were changed to a writing along with(?) pronunciation (Phonogram). I don't know that happening was good or not, But I respect the origin. So in this site, I will call that the Japanese before 1946 is "the Original", and the Japanese after 1946 is "the Modern".
NOTE B : As same as your coutry, each Japanese has each expression for the same meaning. In literary style and in colloquial style are much different. We Japanese has an compliceted honorific, we use a different expression when you speak to a friend, a younger person, a older person, a stranger, a public,
I am also
Orii Souan, a Japanese Painter. You can see samples of Japanese calligraphy on my paintings at my another site . I hope you can get some good idea for your tattoo.