About the Author

If you have any questions or want to know a certain word or phrase, please feel free to ask me by sending me an e-mail.

I am also
Orii Souan, a Japanese Painter. You can see samples of Japanese calligraphy on my paintings at my another site . I hope you can get some good idea for your tattoo.


you for taking an interest in Japanese as a design for your tattoo. This website is designed for people who want to use Japanese properly in their tattoos so they don't accidentally write something that may actually be very embarrassing or rude to anyone who can read the Japanese language.
As the author and supervisor of this website, I am very confident in my Japanese as I have been born in Japan and have lived there for over 30 years now. I, JusticeMorimoto, believe it is very important to pay very close attention to what is tattooed on your body since what is carved into you will last forever. I write and supervise every article on this site, and I take great care to make sure that everything is correct. I have been studying and practicing English for several years now, but I will still double check everything using my trust worthy dictionary and other resources at my disposal.
I go even further by having my close friend who is a native speaker of English to confirm and revise everything carefully before I publish it on the site. I will try to be absolutely sure that what I publish is correct, however, please remember that it is ultimately your responsibility and decision to have a tattoo.

Reason for creating this website

am really happy and honored that people have an interest in Japanese and actually consider using it as a tattoo. However, I have often seen people use it unsuitably and incorrectly. I understand that Japanese Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji are merely symbols and images to foreign people and that sometimes they don't mind if the meaning of the Japanese is correct or not. Sometimes they just like the look of the symbol. This also similarly happens in Japan where some Japanese will speak "Engrish" or wear a t-shirt with strange or incorrect English on it. If a native English speaker sees this they will think it is strange.
My main reason for creating this website is to help prevent this from happening. It is even more important when something is tattooed since it is permanent and cannot be easily undone if a mistake is made. I want people to use the beautiful Japanese language properly so that the words can be truthful and meaningful and not just some surface translation, especially when it is something that is going to be positioned on a precious part of their skin permanently.

An Example of a Bad Tattoo

everyone can easily use an automatic translator but this can easily result in mistakes. Here is an example of how this can turn out very bad. Shit is a profane word that is used in English for many different things. If you translate it to Japanese, it could show "糞" but this is simply Japanese for "feces" (Certainly there are cases were "糞" is used for Shit, but it would normally be in a conversation or in some sentence).
Now if you want to use the Kanji to mean, " my life is the shit, " since there is only "糞" on your arm, any Japanese would read the tattoo as " I am feces. " (A Japanese person who has a good imagination might imagine the meaning that you were trying to express.) Just as in this example, many tragedies can accidentally and unconsciously happen.